21 junho 2013

Summer Solstice manifests the power and grace of Agni, the Sacred Fire

This solstice may our prayers bring harmony and peace to the suffering and strife in the existing worldly Maya. May Ma Ganga heal the Himalayas and bring respite to every pilgrimage caught in her whirlpools!

The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, in which the northern hemisphere is most aligned with the rays of the Sun. As the Sun is the source of Light, Prana, wisdom, intelligence and awareness for the planet, it is a most auspicious day. This June 20-21 solstice day is marked by several astrological events. 

In the Rig-Veda the ancient Hindu scriptures ‘Ayur’ is explained as Agni or fire which encompasses our soul stirrings or essence of life. The soul or reincarnating being is veiled in the body, mind and consciousness in the form of fire and Light. On the summer solstice, that energy of light is most evident.

The solstice energy is ideal for sadhana or spiritual practices and also highlights the continual outward difficulties in the world as we continue to head into a global time of dilemma and quandary. The solstice is a great day in which to aspire to the highest and to transcend time and space altogether.

The world today is drawing in the adverse aspects of the fire element mirroring our karmic patterns of upheaval causing floods in some areas, fires in nature burning down the flora and fauna in other areas. We see the reality of this fire principle stoking the unrest in our minds and hearts worldwide. We need to harmonize and draw in the positive aspects of the fire element, the powers of Divine light, love, nurturing and compassion in order to counter our capricious nature.

The solstice is a time of sacred contemplation, celebration and initiation into ancient fire ceremonies. Agni or the sacred fire manifests in our lives through Mother Earth, Mother Nature, the cosmic heavens and our own deeper internal fires of intelligence, consciousness and bliss.

Presently there is a powerful Kala Sarpa Yoga or Serpent of Time, where all the planets are caught up between the nodes of the Moon. Kala Sarpa Yoga causes significant and unexpected disruptions in the outer world and in our inner world, causing problems with communication, electrical energies and atmsopheric forces. The Kala Sarpa Yoga reflects being caught up in karmic forces, compelling us to take a deeper view of the larger picture.

At the dawn of this solstice may we welcome the transition through deeper sadhana with prayer, tapasya, puja and solitude, offering water and honey to the rising Sun with Surya mantras and invocations. One should take the time to honor the Sun, chant the names of the Sun, particularly while standing in water, and to offer ghee and honey to the Sun in the form of a murti, Yantra or stone. The Sun can grant us health, success in career, and spiritual knowledge. One can contact the Soma or bliss energy of the Sun with mantras on the Summer Solstice. The powerful Paramjyoti mantra invokes the Supreme Light!

Let this year be a sattvic celebration of the soul and not a rajasic overture of tamasic aspirations. We need to calm and heal the energies around us to dissipate the aggression and turmoil.

May we bow this day to the awesome power of Surya Deva, the Sun Lord and seek divine blessings for a harmonious existence in sync with Mother Earth and Mother Nature.

Jai Ma Guru!

Yogini Shambhavi Shakti Dharma