12 março 2013

Creating a Conscious Conception

A short week from giving birth, easy pose in my favorite chair on our yogadeck, the sun is kissing the horizon and I am filled with gratitude for the gift of pregnancy and the possibility of bringing in a soul with a powerful destiny to uplift humanity. I remember the years my husband Akahdahmah and I would dream and talk about having children… all the fears I worked through around being a Mother and that special night in the Namibian desert in Africa where I yelled on top of rock under the fullest brightest moon, “Great Mother, I am ready! Give me a child!”

It took a short year from that moment of opening myself fully and completely. We were gifted to find out we were pregnant on Guru Ram Das' Birthday, October 9th, 2011.

My journey with Kundalini Yoga has without a doubt being a big part of facilitating this conception. Conscious conception is a topic we are often hearing about these days if we are mingling around yogic communities, or living a holistic lifestyle. I first tuned into it when I begun my journey into feeling like I had become almost desperado to be pregnant at age 38. Of course there is much programming that women my age or a little older have their “last window of opportunity,” and I personally was buying a little of it. But when I really tuned in I knew that I was suppose to experience motherhood in this lifetime. Courage and trust in hand, nothing would deter me from that. I begun to shut those voices and opinions out and got to the research and experience of conscious conception.

As yogis, we understand the cycle of reincarnation. We understand the way life comes in and transitions. The next step is to educate ourselves on how we can focus our energy as Womb-men to call a soul in. It is said that there are thousands of souls lining up to have this human experience, as it is highly regarded in the etheric realms, Wahe Guru! So shortage of souls, there are not…..

I talked of being pregnant often and a woman revealed to me that there were souls that were hanging close to me. It was up to me to develop that sacred dance and relationship with them, to call them in. I did a few rituals such as created a baby altar, and every morning on my hikes at the top of my little Topanga mountain I would take a moment, say a prayer and sing a song for these unborn children. Shortly after that, one night I came out of a long and powerful meditation, and I had a vision of these two beautiful children by a lake holding hands looking into the depth of my soul, a girl and a younger boy. They were all blue and etheric, there was a profound love, stillness that I am not sure I experienced before and I understood in that moment that they were to be my children. First I wept and then I begun to deeply trust. There was no more swaying…no more questions. As a young women I had two abortions, one which went horribly wrong and I was not sure I could even get pregnant as doctors and family had warned me it was unlikely. But something in me believed it was possible and I felt all the cleansing andKundalini Yoga I had done since 2005 had prepared my body, mind and Spirit for such a magnificent event. Kundalini Yoga is an incredible practice for establishing hormone balance and unblocking channels. I know that my dedication to my practice facilitated this experience. I find the following things were very helpful to know in my time of conscious conception.

A few tips for conscious conception:
- Do Kundalini Yoga, especially sets to balance your hormones and emotions.
- Take a prenatal yoga teacher training (...)
- Tell your body you are preparing to be pregnant, your body is an intelligent vessel and it will shift more blood to your womb and shift many functions in preparation.
- As you prepare to make love with your partner, take time to create a sacred space and call that soul in. Conscious conception is an act of opening to your partner and to God, in a place of absolute surrender to the indwelling Presence.
- Eat a healthy vegetarian diet including lots of raw greens, begin to take prenatal vitamins and essential fatty acids as you are working on conception.
- Understand that souls have timing, there may be a tendency to think you are having trouble conceiving, when in fact you are not- it is the timing of the soul for which you are waiting.
- Be patient and use every moment before conception toward better health, emotional balance and stability of your relationship. Have a clear intention. Your love creates a path of light that magnetizes possible souls to you. When your path or channel of love is of the right potency, the soul will come.
- Cleanse from past sexual partners.
- A great mantra for pregnancy is “I am the Divine.” Also the Adi Shakti meditation calling in the Divine Mother energy is wonderful, and I spent many mornings reciting it.

Some inspiration taken from Sacred Birthing by Sunni Karll.
Recommended books on Conscious Conception
  1. Sacred Birthing by Sunni Karll
  2. Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen
  3. Birthing from Within by Pamela England
  4. Womb Wisdom by Padma Aon Prakasha and Anaiya Aon Prakasha