22 agosto 2013

Solah Shringaar: adornos, ornamentos - muito para além da moda

The Ayurvedic Corner Mystical Beauty Rituals

By: Avani Sukhadia 

Classic Indian beauty rituals have become quite a fashion trend these days. In a desire to create an exotic aura about themselves, women around the world are turning to the East for health, beauty and fashion cues. Everywhere we look we see Indian symbols, prints, fabrics, scarves, and jewelry, becoming a part of mainstream design and fashion culture.

The Vedic texts have actually described particular beautification practices that women should undergo, in order to carry a high feminine vibration. The Sanskrit texts list "16 Adornments" Solah Shringaar that apious Hindu woman should wear. These are not just suggestions in order to look beautiful, or to attract men, but to actually carry and bring forth the Divine Feminine energy or Shakti into the home.

The word "Shringaar" is associated with Goddess Lakshmi, the epitome of feminine grace, love, beauty, good luck and prosperity. Hindus consider a woman to be the physical representation of The Goddess on the earth plane, and should therefore carry her vibration. Thus it is a woman's divine duty to cultivate family and social harmony at all times.

The mystical beauty rituals described below have both spiritual and physical significance.
Bindi - A red kumkum dot (vermillion powder) worn in the center of the forehead between the two brows. It brings energy to the third eye or Ajna chakra, helping her to see clearly and increase her womanly intuition. It helps her to bring a meditative, conscious awareness to all her daily activities. There is a Hindu proverb that says a Bindi multiplies a woman's beauty 1,000x.

Flowers adorning her hair - Wearing fresh, fragrant jasmine or champa flowers in a woman's hair brings satvic, pure qualities to the head and brain. It cools excitable emotions and calms mental tension. The woman's aura is said to glow like a halo, when wearing these beautiful decorative flowers in her hair.

Nose Piercing - gold or diamond jewelry on a woman's left nostril helps with all female reproductive concerns. This piercing activates a specific marma point, bringing about alchemical changes in the hormonal system. It is said that piercing the left or both nostrils directly affects the uterus, increasing a woman's fertility. This marma also eases menstrual and childbirth pain.

Kohl Eyeliner - Girls should wear Kohl or Kajal, dark black natural eyeliner on the rim of their eyes, giving an attractive, smoldering, dreamy look. It is made naturally from medicinal herbs mixed with the soot of a burning a castor oil / ghee lamp. Not only does it enhance beauty, but its cooling properties strengthen vision, heal many eye ailments, and safeguard delicate eyes from the burning tropical sun. Most importantly it is believed that girls should wear Kohl eyeliner to protect them from another's evil eye and ward off curses.

Henna Design - Henna is a natural plant dye used on the skin and hair, leaving a beautiful rich red color. In a special ceremony before weddings, a henna artist decorates the bride with amazingly detailed, intricate designs, temporarily tattooing her hands (heart marma) with many, many spiritual symbols and motifs.

Bangles - It is considered very auspicious for woman to wear solid gold or glass bangles on both wrists. When the woman moves about, the bangles clink one another, creating sound waves of divine energy, Shakti. The pleasing sound attracts and invites the Devi goddess into the body of the woman and her surroundings. Bangles are also said to bring safety and good luck to a woman's spouse or partner, so it is considered inauspicious for a married woman to be without bangles.

Silver Anklets - Payal are silver anklets that are worn on both feet. They constantly activate reproductive marma points around the ankles for the ovaries and uterus. The jingling sound of the anklet bells ward off negative energies before a woman enters a room. Many women report physical and spiritual healings, after wearing payal anklets and bells.

Silver Toe Rings - Silver rings worn on the second toe of each foot act as aphrodisiacs. Given at the time of marriage, these toe rings are said to accentuate a woman's sensuality, increase her libido, and awaken sexual desire. At the same time it is said that wearing these toe rings keeps a woman faithful and committed to her husband/partner.


Along with outer beauty, it's good to remember that inner beauty is cultivated through prayer, devotion, meditation, and service to humanity. Wearing a genuine smile is the best beauty secret of all.