08 junho 2013

Cosmic Grace of the Planets in June 2013

June 8, 2013 is Shani Amavasya, creating a deeper awareness in our lives. Amavasya is the auspicious dark night of the New Moon, when the Moon is not visible in the sky. The dark Moon falling on a Saturday (the day of Saturn) is Shani Amavasya, the day of propitiating Saturn the great Karmic Leveler. It is also the sacred day of Shani Jayanti, when Saturn’s energy arises in this world, occurring in the lunar month of Jyeshtha.

On this special day of Saturn, we can connect with the inner energy of the planet and harmonize its affect upon our lives for the entire year to come. It is a time to connect deeply with Saturn and set our karma in a positive perspective, with gentleness and humility.

Shanideva, the ruler of Saturn, initiates the spiritual seeker into the path of spirituality, deeper awareness and higher wisdom. His benevolence draws our attention to our Sanchita karma- the karma we are born with which reflects the positive and negative karma of our past life incarnations. Shani creates an awareness of the Prarabdha karma –the karma we face in this lifetime. It is the deeper inner spiritual wisdom which colors our Bhagya or good fortune. As dharma it reflects Vedic knowledge, ethics, higher vision, justice, right attitude towards life, concern for humanity and tolerance.

Propitiating Shanideva
-Devotees start their day of Shani Amavasya with offerings prayers and mustard oil to Shanideva.
-Lighting a mustard oil diya or earthen lamp.
-Chanting Shani mantras and prayers.
-Abstaining from food (fasting) from sunrise to sunset helps to curb the appetite, which helps to appease the sensory distractions through tapas. One can have a simple sattvic meal of urad dal (black lentils) and rice after sunset.
-Offering prayers and obeisance to departed souls.
-Offering propitiations at Navagraha temples.

June 2013 ushers in the grace and wisdom of Saraswati Yoga with the three main benefic planets Jupiter, Mercury and Venus coming together in Mercury ruled Gemini, the sign of relationship and communication. Saraswati Yoga bestows upon us the divine grace to follow the Yogic quest. Devi Saraswati is the Goddess of wisdom through the knowledge of creative arts, philosophy and divine grace. Devi Saraswati allows us the jnana or wisdom to express what we learn in beautiful art forms. Through creativity we connect with the world, developing a humanitarian and deeper social awareness through the expression of music, mantra and artistic endeavors.

Jupiter manifests the grace and wisdom of all that is auspicious, moving into the sign of Gemini where it will hold its benevolence until June 2014. Jupiter will draw one to deeper learning experiences where wisdom will flow through dharma and insight. Jupiter will enhance positive communication, knowledge, spirituality and sadhana amongst seekers. Yet Jupiter’s expansive nature can lure us into over expanding and watering down our perspective in life. It can draw us into superficial knowledge, if we fail to turn its energy within. One needs to cultivate discernment and discrimination to hold to the focus of wisdom.

Mercury is transiting its own sign of Gemini from May to early August. Mercury expands our world of travel, study, communication, the spoken word as well as the written expression. This is an auspicious time to delve deep into the wisdom of the cosmic universe both at an inner and an outer level. Retrograde Mercury from June 16 to July 20, 2013 allows one to internalize the wisdom of the outer world in order to master our spiritual nature.

Venus holds the intrinsic grace of the Divine feminine, drawing in the more nurturing aspect of humanity through love and compassion. Forming a deep connectivity with loved ones, formalizing more meaningful relationships based on dharma, it allows one to draw in the mental and emotional aspects of our nature harmonizing our relationships. Venus carries the power or Shakti of the universe into our inner worlds, manifesting as grace in the outer world.

Jupiter’s blessings will aspect Saturn and Rahu in Libra, guiding us to spiritualize our lives through understanding and reinforcing our karmic responsibility as an individual and as a collective consciousness.

Though Kala Sarpa Yoga prevails, with all the planets between Ketu and Rahu, and unexpected events may disturb us externally, the potential for an inner calm and creativity will be there for all who sincerely open themselves to its presence.

Jai Ma Guru!