14 fevereiro 2013


By Vasant Lad

The word love is a lovely word. Everyone can literally become mesmerized, deeply touched, or burst into tears from the word love. If someone says the words, “I love you” to us, we are emotionally affected. The whole world is hungry for love. Why is there so much power, so much purity, and so much sacredness with the word love? Even so, the word love is misused, abused, and overused by our parents, lovers, and even by friends. So what is love?

To reach an understanding of love, we have to find out what love is not. Then you can reach a positive state of love. This is self-inquiry. Is love attachment? No, attachment is not love. Is love mere memory? Is love only pleasure? Or temptation? Is love power, control, and manipulation? Love is none of these. When we turn away from the aspects that are not love, then we reach a positive state of love. Love is freedom, compassion, care, intimacy, trust, and divine faith. These profound qualities are the qualities of life. We could say that love is the law of life. 

O amor é cego - irmãos Ginja (Estremoz)
Love is clarity. Clarity breeds compassion and compassion again flowers into love. Love is not blind; it has its own intelligence. In this way, love keeps everything in its proper place. What is our right place in life? What is our right place in relationship? No one knows. Perhaps what we think is our right place is but the projection of desire. However, when we are not in our right place or position, we feel unhappy, miserable.

Love is surrender. In that surrender, you become humble and simple, and do not crave power, prestige, or position. This state of mind—humble, simple, surrendering with great trust—is very close to the love. When love flowers in one’s life, there is joy, beauty, and peace. Once you surrender to love, you surrender to god. Surrender opens the door. Surrender is a journey towards the heart and the heart is the seat of love. When you surrender, it opens the doors of the heart into the profound abyss of love.