30 julho 2012

Food is memory

Maya Tiwari

The Earth has been continuously refining herself from the beginning of time. Every species she contains contributes to the evolution of the universe. Each tree and mountain, cloud, and stream reflects the light of the universe. Cosmic memory is held and refined by the genetic code, the DNA, of all life-forms. For this reason, cosmic communion prevails among each of the Earth's inhabitants. When we walk, run, or climb, each cell recalls its cognition from the beginning of life. The land itself holds the cumulative cognizance of all ten million species. Our motions, our actions, set the stage for remembering. When we behold the beauty of a stream glittering in sunlight, or taste the nectar of a freshly ripened peach - even in passive moments, when our skin is brushed by the wind or our nostrils flooded by the fragrance of a flower, we are experiencing the elements - we are stirring cognitive memory.

Every food, every motion, every dream is memory of past and future. All vital memory is congealed within these three aspects of the whole. To realize that we are the inherent knowers of the elements is to remember from the beginning to the present. When we observe ourselves within the primacy of nature, we begin to thaw the frozen cognition of our being.

The five elements continuously transmute into each other to create atoms, molecules, minerals, foods, and live-forms. Food is the keeper of all five elements; in its transformation the body of life is formed. Our cognitive relationship to food can unravel the vast mystery of being in time and space. Food takes us through the complete cycle of being, from the original cosmic seed to the fragile sprout, to the flourishing plant and its fruits - our sustenance. Our need for food makes us dig into the land, feast on her bounty, and expel our bodily wastes back into her, so this Earth may continue to enrich herself. The food cycle is our complete memory. It is the constant remembering of our body. Food is memory. Memory is being. Eating is remembering. In our present spell of forgetfulness, we meed "observing motion", conscious action, to warm the frozen cells of life.

We need to perceive this Earth as a referent of our being. We are all formed from the same ingredients as the tree and animal. The Earth is our physical body and Water is it fluid; Fire is the acids and enzymes of the body; Air is the prana and breath, and Space is the vibrations of all vital systems together. The wholesome smell of Earth stirs fresh memory. Water allows us to taste and discern life. Fire enables us to digest the universe and transmute its cosmic intelligence; it gives us vision and sight. As well, Fire gives us the power to continually renew our observation - each moment contaisn a powerful potential for transformation. Air allows us to feel, to touch, to know. It is the gauge with which we measure our progrress. The joy we feel pushes us forward into our cosmic nature; the pain we feel pushes us forward as well. Both happiness and sorrow allow us to review our growth. Space gives us the power to resonate within our observation and cognition. (We are ultimately taught the cosmic truth by sound and harmonic resonance). The pull of Space is ever so subtle, the power ever so strong. The primal sound of being exists in this pull. Food, motion and dream are all held within the stillness of Space. Our infinite nature as humans is born from the Water of life and resolved in the Space of God.

We hold the memory of the five elements in our physical body. The memory of Earth is kept in the heart; the memory of Water is stored in the kidneys; the memory of Fire is kept in the intestines; the memory of Air is held by the lungs; the memory of Space is stored in the brain.

Each of us contains a unique con figuration of Eart, Fire, Water, Air and Space within ourselves. In the human constitution, the fibve elements of nature are transmuted into the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Known respectively as the Air, Fire and Water principles, Vata has Space and Air as its dominant elements, Pitta has Fire as its dominant element and the dominant elements of Kapha are Water and Earth.

TIWARY, Maya. A Life of Balance, Healing Arts Press: 1995, pp. 15-16