18 julho 2012

Cosmic Water - Lua nova em caranguejo

By Dipali

Moonwater by Leah Dorion

From the Primordial Ocean, powerful new waves ripple towards us, with the vibration of  birthing something new under a new moon phase of the lunar cycle. The great Mother can be seen as the Primordial Ocean, numinous, fertile and all-powerful. She beckons us to become in touch with our  feeling nature and the vastness of pure love. She teaches each of us about creation and responsibility as well as the Sacred Feminine aspect of each individual. In moving with the ebb and flow of life, we touch upon the  New Moon is in Cancer at 26+ degrees and occurs on July 18th/19th, 2012. It is possible to seek the comfort of home, closeness to mother or maternal figure, be around family or want to indulge in a cozy environment where you can really relax and feel nourished.

The astrological sign of Cancer symbolizes the “Inner Mother Archetype, the Nurturer and Sacred Feminine.” We may find comfort and solace within the symbolic Cosmic Womb of Creation, but also something new is emerging. During this time we want to attune ourselves to variety of “feelings.” Why not expand your emotional vocabulary and emotional awareness?

This can be felt even more so during meditation and contemplation. It is helpful to inquire within about your relationship with the Inner Mother Archetype and if the relationship inside of you is healthy and loving. Open to receive guidance from Soul to help you continue to nourish your relationship to all aspect of you and your life.

At a point in adulthood, one must take responsibility for being and allow expression of the “Inner Mother Archetype” instead of dependency on an external maternal figure. Surely the apron strings must be cut, yet the Spiritual energy ties remain intact. The archetype of the “Inner Mother” teaches its wisdom and expresses its unconditional love with great tenderness and strength when necessary. Whatever you create, you must nurture until it grows into maturity or blossoms to bear flower or fruit.

The New Moon in Cancer makes waning (moving away from) aspect to Saturn in Libra suggesting the importance of being reliable, emotionally mature and fair in all things giving and receiving. For some people, this tension manifests as emotional or financial insecurity. Some type of clash or limitation is seeking to change from being stuck into movement and flow. We need to check in with ourselves as to when and how much to nurture someone or something and maintain healthy balance by tending to our own needs too.

With Uranus and Mercury both in retrograde motion, and making an aspect to one another, suggests a time to “rethink”  what innocent joy and laughter feels like, how it breaks up tension as well as helping to keep the heart energy center open.  Why not boldly step out of the limited box and be more playful or expressive? Also, you may notice some unusual surprises or solutions manifesting to help make life vibrant and support us to be more playful. It’s possible for spontaneous communication with someone from the past.

Mars in Libra is at the peak stage, forming an exact “T-Square” aspect to Uranus Square Pluto. This combination suggests becoming serious about dealing with or addressing situations with courage and from a place of peace. Remember, there is an element of surprise or what you least expect – since Mars will making an ‘Opposition’ to Uranus. Though we may have enough juice or dynamic energy to free ourselves from whatever is creating oppression or creating difficulty. We will simply have to solve the conflict or clash with this dynamic energy. Or the repressed, ignored energy may become volatile, explosive or overly chaotic. Be an empowered Peace-keeper.

Use the vibration of the New Moon to help sooth ruffled feathers and situation where needed with the sparkling energy of new beginnings. It is wise to deal with the situation or issue than sidestep it. This is a good time to practice conflict resolution skills.


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